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Paint Roller Finishing Machine

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Paint Roller Finishing Machine

Outline Dimension: 
Area for machine place at factory: 1.2x1.5+1.65m
Diameter: from 20mm to 57mm
Wound tube Length: 1.23m ~3.4m
Finished Roller Cover Length: from 3" to 10"
Power Supply: AC380V/220V,50/60HZ3phases
Air supply: 0.6MP 
Speed: Up to 1000 pcs/H
Operator: only 1 person
Controller: touch screen

1> This paint roller finishing machine is one-off completion of Cutting, Combing, Beveling, Vacuum cleaning.
2> Manufacturing customized device according to different diameter and length
3> The paint roller finishing machine is PLC operated.
4> Fast changeovers between different inner diameter.