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Paint Roller Winding Machine

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Paint Roller Winding Machine V1
Outline dimension: 6000mm(L)×1600mm(W)×2200(H)mm
Area for machine place at factory:6x2.5m
Diameter:  15mm56mm
Tube Length: 1.23m~1.85m
Power: AC380V/220V,50/60HZ3phases
Air Supply: 0.6MP
Average production speed: 2000pcs/H
Loader: above 100pcs (could be customized)
Operator: only 1 person
Gas consumption: 15kgs/tin for 16hours machine running
Oxygen consumption: 15mpa/tin, 4tins for 16hours machine running
1> The paint roller winding machine has the combination of automatically loading pipes, consistent continuous winding, and automatically sealing, no glue or solvents are necessary.
2> The paint roller winding machine is equipped with thermobonding / thermofusion (suitable for PP pipe,flame supervision,temperature adjustment) technology. 
3> Customized production according to different diameter of pipes and different length of production line
4> Approximate output is up to 8 meters of wound tubes per minute.It can produce more than 16,000 pieces of 9-inch rollers per day(8 hours working time). 
5> Compared with the similar European devices ,our machine is cheaper but with high quality, short investment feedback period and low maintenance fee. 
6> Fast changeover between different diameter.